When the Right to Repair Might Be the Right to Live

Many have heard of the “right to repair” movement. Many have not. And the popular understanding seems to be that the “right to repair” movement is a hacker collective looking to make money off the backs of electronics industry giants by modifying and reselling devices. While that is, in some cases, accurate, it’s worth delving […]

SOPA/PIPA (not sopaipilla)

Sadly, this post is not about tasty Latin American treats. It’s about legislation that endangers the free exchange of knowledge that the Internet offers us. The basics of SOPA and PIPA entail the ability for the US Department of Justice to require immediate take down of sites and domains, including rerouting DNS and preventing payments […]

Annual Post?

I suppose it’s time for my annual post. I always say that I want to post here more often, but life is just far too crazy. I know, I know… that shouldn’t be an excuse. So… what’s new in Jesse’s life? Well, finals are upon me once again. They’re pretty much going to have me […]

Do de doooo…

Last night was Ethan’s 4th Birthday Bash. There was one helluva turn out – Ethan is loved. 🙂 The boy got some amazing presents, including a Wii from Papa Chuck, UP from Samantha and, my favorite (because I got it for him) an Erector set which I expect to be building from with him every […]