Nov 222009

Last night was Ethan’s 4th Birthday Bash. There was one helluva turn out – Ethan is loved. ๐Ÿ™‚ The boy got some amazing presents, including a Wii from Papa Chuck, UP from Samantha and, my favorite (because I got it for him) an Erector set which I expect to be building from with him every week for a while.

The night prior, Sam, my mom, Ethan and I all went to the Red Wings game. It was Ethan and Sam’s first, so that was extra cool. We lost in OT, for no good reason, but it was still an awesome game.

Otherwise, my life is still filled with homework. I’m wondering if there’s going to be a “caught up” time before the end of the semester. Next semester I need to pre-load as much of my work as I can as early as possible so that I’m not feeling like I have to scramble come the end of the semester. But, my work ethic has gone up the last couple of weeks (thanks to a patient and understanding girlfriend) and hopefully I can skate through the flames of this semester unsinged.

Nov 182009

I’m trying desperately to organize the things in my life that must be accomplished. My delightful girlfriend feels that I compartmentalize my life too greatly, but I’m not sure if that’s the case. Either way, something needs to be fixed.

None of my classes this year have a typical final exam. All of them are project-based, and I need to start working on them now (or last week, better yet). This on top of the assignments that are still due the rest of the semester: final essay for creative nonfiction (along with my oral presentation due next week which I have not started), oral history transcript for HST (plus the first 2 of 3 parts of our final I can begin writing, which I also have not done), a boatload of smaller assignments for business writing, a couple of photographic projects (plus two extra credit assignments I would be remiss to pass on). All of this plus Ethan time, Samantha time, life time. And some fun time… I’ve found that sneaking in 10-15 minutes of Xbox now and then actually improves my ability to study. So that’s a true winner in my book.

Besides these items, I feel like something is amiss. Nothing major, mind you, but something that I would like to hunt down and squash. Maybe it’ll turn out to be a snipe hunt after all is said and done, but I hope not.

Studying + Facebook + chatting with Sam + Xbox + music = hectic but productive. *sigh*

Nov 172009

Of course, most parents hold this same sentiment, but mine are truly the best.

Ethan, a soon-to-be four year old, is a constant source of amazement and wonder. Smart as a whip (and going into Kindergarten a year early), spunky as all get out, hilarious, sweet and adorable. If he asks me for a sister again, I may have to sew his mouth shut, but otherwise, he’s just a gem!

Brett is now 43, or so it feels like. My god I’m old! He’s also sweet and smart and wonderful. Any teenage boy that still offers an unsolicited “I love you” now and then is certainly worth keeping around. Plus he’s an excellent partner for Xbox gaming. I couldn’t be happier!

*sigh* I love my boys!

Nov 172009

…it just keeps going. Sometimes I feel like the attendant of this particular roller coaster forgot to verify that my safety bar was firmly in my lap. As I sway about on each turn, swerve or loop-de-loop, I curse him for his incompetence. School, work (well, not so much right now), friends, family, life, liberty, pursuit of… hmmm.

It is safe to say that this semester in school has been revitalizing. I’ve had a few downs (my history class may very well be my undoing, GPA-wise), but overall my classes are amazing, my profs are great, and my newly found school spirit has led me to become the Vice President of two student organizations: The Student Veterans of Oakland University and The Writing and Rhetoric Club. Oh, and I also was admitted to the Honors College. It think this will all be dandy, but if I don’t post again by 2011, these items may be the cause of my demise. Please email me to make sure I’m okay?! (And yes, I’m aware that I should have written “I was also admitted”, keeping my subject and verb together. But I’m a writing and rhetoric rebel!)

My currently state of joblessness is uplifting, more than perhaps it should be. Living on unemployment checks and GI Bill money has a certain socialistic flair I’m not particularly fond of. But hey, as far as I’m concered it’s all money that I’ve earned, especially the latter part. It can’t last forever, but it’s a wave I’m fully willing to commit to riding for the next few months.

2009 has been, on all accounts, quite a year — and it ain’t over yet! I’m counting on a victory for the home team (that’s me), but an upset isn’t beyond the realm of possibility.