Updates in the World of Xepherys

I think posting here more than once every quarter might be helpful to my head. Let’s see if I can stick with that plan. In light of that, here is the update on me!

I’m back to work, finally. Performing contract IT work for IBM, making a decent wage and enjoying my time there. I’m also back to school… full time no less! Working and edumacating myself, both full time, is quite a task I must say. I had originally changed my major to Physics before the semester started, but I have changed it again, for likely the last time, to Writing and Rhetoric. I think it’s a good fit!

Last weekend, TM and I went to Theatre Bizarre. The easiest thing I can say about it is that it is aptly named. Think about a very dark, devilish Moulin Rouge and you’ll be on the right track. For any of you in Southeast Michigan, I highly recommend buying tickets to next year’s event. It’s money well spent.

Well, I plan to start blogging here a bit more coming up. Let’s hope that works out.

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