Gun Control Advocates Rejoice!

Let me say up front for the record that I do NOT support gun control measures implemented by the government at large. I shall not be rejoicing with them in this news that surely will help make their case all the stronger with Americans-at-large who cannot critically think for themselves.

On 26. October 2008, an eight year-old boy fatally shot himself in the head with an Uzi while his father was nearby. This occurred at the Westfield Sportsmans’ Club in Westfield, MA. As of this writing, their website is down, likely due to traffic from morbidly interested folk. That was the boy’s first (and obviously last) time firing an Uzi and he was unable to control the recoil.

So, let’s look at some key words and phrases in the description of this event. Eight years old, shot himself in head, Uzi, father nearby. It’s hard not to blame the parent on this one, regardless of what policies the club “should” have had to prevent such a thing. With a responsible parent in the picture, why should the club be required to disallow a child from shooting an Uzi. Personally, I don’t believe there is any reason. if the parent thinks it’s a good idea, so be it. Now, not only am I anti-gun control, I also firmly believe that the best way to prevent gun-related accidents involving children is to teach them to respect weapons at an early age. Most of the fatal gunshot victims who are children are city-dwellers. In the rural areas, where many kids grow up hunting with their fathers from a ripe young age, you don’t often see such things occur.

Despite the above, I think common sense should kick in involving young children and machine guns. it’s one thing for junior to fire his .22 at a tin can, and wholly another for him to lock and load an Uzi and fire downrange.

Apparently, the local DA there is looking into filing criminal charges, probably negligence of some sort, in regards to this incident. What? I’m fairly certain stupidity is not illegal (though I’ll be damned if i don’t believe it should be). The family lost their child. I’d say that’s pretty much the punishment right there, wouldn’t you?

At any rate, I’m sure that Gun control advocates are just peeing their pants in anticipation of how this plays out in the courts if it does actually go to trial. That, boys and girls, is just sad!

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