So much to do, so little sanity!

I’m trying desperately to organize the things in my life that must be accomplished. My delightful girlfriend feels that I compartmentalize my life too greatly, but I’m not sure if that’s the case. Either way, something needs to be fixed.

None of my classes this year have a typical final exam. All of them are project-based, and I need to start working on them now (or last week, better yet). This on top of the assignments that are still due the rest of the semester: final essay for creative nonfiction (along with my oral presentation due next week which I have not started), oral history transcript for HST (plus the first 2 of 3 parts of our final I can begin writing, which I also have not done), a boatload of smaller assignments for business writing, a couple of photographic projects (plus two extra credit assignments I would be remiss to pass on). All of this plus Ethan time, Samantha time, life time. And some fun time… I’ve found that sneaking in 10-15 minutes of Xbox now and then actually improves my ability to study. So that’s a true winner in my book.

Besides these items, I feel like something is amiss. Nothing major, mind you, but something that I would like to hunt down and squash. Maybe it’ll turn out to be a snipe hunt after all is said and done, but I hope not.

Studying + Facebook + chatting with Sam + Xbox + music = hectic but productive. *sigh*

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