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Last night was Ethan’s 4th Birthday Bash. There was one helluva turn out – Ethan is loved. 🙂 The boy got some amazing presents, including a Wii from Papa Chuck, UP from Samantha and, my favorite (because I got it for him) an Erector set which I expect to be building from with him every week for a while.

The night prior, Sam, my mom, Ethan and I all went to the Red Wings game. It was Ethan and Sam’s first, so that was extra cool. We lost in OT, for no good reason, but it was still an awesome game.

Otherwise, my life is still filled with homework. I’m wondering if there’s going to be a “caught up” time before the end of the semester. Next semester I need to pre-load as much of my work as I can as early as possible so that I’m not feeling like I have to scramble come the end of the semester. But, my work ethic has gone up the last couple of weeks (thanks to a patient and understanding girlfriend) and hopefully I can skate through the flames of this semester unsinged.

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  1. HHmm, I thought I had commented on this. I either got caught up in trying to think of the perfect comment, or I it just never got submitted, or perhaps I just never did it. Apologies.

    Unsinged: Can you give me the definition you are referring to in the context? When applying this term to me, there are a number of options. Are you meaning unsinged that you passed rather than failed, or lived rather than died? HHMM

    In that case, we both skated through the flames unsinged. (We lived AND Passed! 🙂 )

    Now, on the other hand, is unsinged: passed, or passed WELL. In this case, we are on separate tables, please, you are a writer – make sure my epitaph is good.

    xoxo – I’ll do my best to always be patient and understanding.

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