Dear Carreons…

Dear Tara Carreon,

I’m sure by now you are aware that much of the Internet citizenry finds you and your husband to be utterly out of line.  However, Tara, you especially seem content to name call and belittle people you do not know because they’ve chosen to take to anonymity.  Isn’t free speech and Constitutional Law the very thing that Charles Carreon has spent his career upholding?  How then should it appear to us that he is fighting against those very same tenets that he has built his career and reputation around?

In the beginning, I found Charles Carreon to be a deplorable human being.  As a Libertarian who believes fully in Constitutional Law, I am appalled at the painstakingly autocratic approach that your husband is taking.  Still, I can accept that his views may suddenly become different while he is roasting under the spotlight.  You though…  Mrs. Tara Carreon…  you are a true piece of work.  An utterly despicable, nasty kind of human that says preaches one thing and acts upon another.  You say that it’s horrible, that Inman and those who have taken his side are so immoral as to attack you and your poor husband, while with your tongue firmly in your cheek you return the same in kind.

So, Tara, here I am.  I am not anonymous.  I am Jesse Williams.  A father, a professional and a combat veteran from Royal Oak, MI.  I hide behind nothing.  In plain sight of gods and men, I tell you that you are awful and your behavior incredibly irresponsible.  You and your husband have taken a simple stroke of the pen, and demonized it for what appears to be nothing more than media attention.  They say that no press is bad press, but I hope in all earnest regards that your husband’s career is ended due to this outlandish and unlawful affront to the laws of our fine country.




Jesse S. Williams



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