Jun 262012

Dear Tara Carreon, I’m sure by now you are aware that much of the Internet citizenry finds you and your husband to be utterly out of line.  However, Tara, you especially seem content to name call and belittle people you do not know because they’ve chosen to take to anonymity.  Isn’t free speech and Constitutional […]

Feb 092012
Double Fine?  Double AWESOME!

  Double Fine Productions, spearheaded by Tim Schaefer of Day of the Tentacles and Psychonauts fame, has launched a Kickstarter funding project to produce a modern, reenvisioned point-n-click adventure game called “Double Fine Adventure“.  If you aren’t that old, are new to video games, or somehow just missed out on the trend, check out games […]

Jan 222012

So, recently I’ve had a few conversations with people (most notably Samir) about why I enjoy Apple products.  I’ve been given a bit of crap about loving my iPhone and shunning Android.  Apparently this is seen as anti-geek, a step away from the tinkering fool I once was.  My argument has been, for quite some […]

Jan 212012

Zynga, the company behind the atrocity that is Farmville, is a company that most gamers despise.  Their claws latched into casual gamers around the world, the bilk people of hard-earned dollars with micropayments for silly things like orange pigs and green alien cows. Sadly, when looking for a Scrabble-like game on my iPhone a long, […]

Jan 182012

Sadly, this post is not about tasty Latin American treats. It’s about legislation that endangers the free exchange of knowledge that the Internet offers us. The basics of SOPA and PIPA entail the ability for the US Department of Justice to require immediate take down of sites and domains, including rerouting DNS and preventing payments […]

Jan 162012

If you have an iPhone and need a case, I recommend one of these: http://www.redbubble.com/people/burbskate/works/8280100-steve-jobs-in-carbonite I almost got one last year, but the maker got a C&D from Apple. They are back on the market now, and if I hadn’t just spent a bunch on another sweet case, I’d go for this bad boy. If […]

May 052011

Something struck me as odd today about the bathroom habits of the other inhabitants of my office building. I understand that this may seem like an odd thing to consider, but seeing as I use the restroom here at the office at least as often as the one at home, perhaps it’s not so strange. […]

Apr 082011

I suppose it’s time for my annual post. I always say that I want to post here more often, but life is just far too crazy. I know, I know… that shouldn’t be an excuse. So… what’s new in Jesse’s life? Well, finals are upon me once again. They’re pretty much going to have me […]

Feb 012010

Ah 2010… a new decade in which to prevail or flounder. While 2000 may have offered the ultimate new beginning for people of my generation, I’m hoping 2010 keeps it’s new-decade smell for a little while. The holidays were nice, the new semester has brought interesting courses (so far), this brand new month may even […]

Dec 102009

I’m sort of re-reading “The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid” by Bill Bryson. I had to rush through it more than I cared to the first time. It’s a great book and I highly recommend it. Also, currently (like right this very second) I’m playing 1 vs 100 on Xbox Live. It’s also […]