When the Right to Repair Might Be the Right to Live

Many have heard of the “right to repair” movement. Many have not. And the popular understanding seems to be that the “right to repair” movement is a hacker collective looking to make money off the backs of electronics industry giants by modifying and reselling devices. While that is, in some cases, accurate, it’s worth delving […]

Space Operas, Audiobooks, and Linguistic Ponderings…

There’s been an interesting rabbit hole I’ve tumbled down lately. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’d been listening to a lot of podcasts, and there really are some amazing ones out there. It’s a great way to pass time while driving to and from work, driving to pick up the kids, or listening […]

Fermi’s Paradox and Human Umwelt

I’ve spent a lot of time lately listening to mind-broadening podcasts. I can’t recommend highly enough checking out some of the ‘casts linked below if you like to make your brain-wiring more complex. The most recent podcast adventure has been Rob Reid’s the After On podcast. It started as a way to visit the real-science […]

Why Words, Why?

Today I’ve discovered that there’s a word I’m not fond of.  It’s not a new, trendy buzzword.  It’s not some made up word from fiction.  It’s a word that I’ve used throughout my life, and that it’s only just dawned on me is an awful word…   sanction.  Not that the word itself is offensive, either, […]

Streaming Media, Big Conglomerates, Disparate Parties, and YOU!!!

Today is a half-ranting, half-questioning the order of things type of day.  Ars Technica today has a story about Netflix losing the Warner Bros. portion of it’s catalog as WB plans to move forward with it’s own streaming media service.  This is a very mixed bag to me, and here’s why: On one hand, I […]

Rebuttal to Coffee Party Founder Annabel Park

Annabel, First, for the most part I agree with much of the Coffee Party ideals that you’ve laid out over time.  As a Libertarian, my primary motivation is to lessen government control and invigorate personal freedoms. This morning I read your post regarding your responses to pro-gun folk.  Unfortunately, I think you’ve responded to some […]

Zealous Partisanship is Bad, mmm’kay?

Shame on Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson for her decision on Gary Johnson’s eligibility to run as the Libertarian candidate for President of the United States on Michigan ballots.  Instead of interpreting the sore loser law through a lens of common sense and dignity, she instead chose to make it an issue of partisan tom-foolery. […]